HNST partners up with Banx

At HNST, we have decided to partner with Banx, a new Belgian banking experience, imagined by Proximus and powered by Belfius. Banx redefines the standard for digital banking services and allows every user to measure the CO2 impact of their purchases. This way, Banx wants to encourage users to make more conscious and sustainable choices. A perfect partner for HNST, that is! 

What Banx stands for
The digital world is changing the way we live and consume. Nowadays, people want everything fast: ordered today, delivered tomorrow. In that same fast world Banx wants to have a positive impact. That's why they encourage users to slow down and gain insights about the impact of every transaction done in the Banx app. With the concept of Slow Banking, Banx wants to embed sustainability in the heart of its activities by offering banking services "to the rhythm of the planet". 

To this end, Banx has created a personalized CO2 dashboard that allows each user to easily understand the impact of their purchases. This will enable users to manage their banking activities more consciously and understand which purchases are good for the planet and which are not. 

But the CO2 dashboard is only a first step. To encourage and stimulate people to go for a more sustainable way of purchasing, they have set up local & sustainable collaborations. Thus today, about ten local partners can already be discovered in the app. The goal is to bring together environmentally conscious consumers and local partners to make sustainable banking accessible to everyone. 

That’s why HNST has decided to join the sustainable crew of partners. 

Concept of rewards
The partnership between Banx and HNST takes shape through the ‘Rewards’ concept available in the Banx app. This system allows customers to earn points (= ‘rewards’) according to specific actions they take in the app. They can then exchange them for a sustainable project or for a discount voucher to be used with other sustainable partners. 

We choose to be a partner of Banx because we have a shared mission: to make people more aware of their purchasing habits and be as transparent as possible. 

The Banx app is available for free* download in the Google Play Store and Apple Store

* The Essential account is completely free for customers under 25 years old. From the age of 25, the Essential payment account is completely free for the first 6 months and then remains free at the end of each month, provided that at least 5 transactions (only valid for transfers, mobile or card payments and direct debits) have been made during the current month. If this total is not reached during a month, an amount of €3.5 will be debited from the account for that month.