Look good while doing good, our jeans are fully vegan

As a fully circular company, we want you to look good, but we also want you to feel good about what you put on your body. We want to make sure we do everything we can to contribute to a brighter future for everyone. That’s why, through collaborating with our production partners, we were able to become a 100% vegan brand. This means we can proudly say we produce a full range (jeans and tees) of premium products using no animal products, fibers or leather.

We’ve always been strict about choosing materials for our products. But how did we become completely cruelty-free?

  • For the love of animals and the planet in general, we decided to not use leather back patches like most brands. Instead, we use sturdy Jacron paper, which works just as well and looks very fresh!
  • Also, we do not use any other animal fibers like wool or silk. 
  • Last but not least, we do not use animal based coatings. 

In our beta collection, we did use a coating derived from shellfish to protect the yarns during weaving. We conscientiously made that decision to avoid a plastic (PVA) coating and therefore, avoid microplastics. At the time, we knew our solution wasn’t perfect, so we kept on looking for new innovations. Luckily, we were able to replace the shellfish-based coating with pectine (the white tissue found inside oranges).

Why is this so important? Well, by refusing to use animal products, we can be 100% sure the production of our products do not contribute to animal-cruelty. As always, we take the planet, people and animal friendly approach. Afterall, contributing to a circular economy means we want to live in harmony with nature and therefore also with animals.