Morning After Spray



35 ml

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No more putting your jeans in the washing machine or in a bag in the freezer (what a strange idea anyhow). Our Morning After Spray is fully loaded with active probiotics that will do the cleaning for you.

The Morning After spray:

  • actively removes all odors (sweat, smoke, … ) in a complete safe and natural way with the power of probiotics
  • works at microbiological level
  • allergy-free
  • you can also use the spray on any kind of clothing or smelly shoes

Directions for use

  • Shake well before use
  • Hold the spray can upright and keep a distance of +/- 30cm
  • Press for short bursts of spray
  • Make sure the surface does not become too wet
  • Do not wipe the surface
  • Let nature do the cleaning for you


The can is recyclable. Please put the empty spray can in the recycling bin.


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