It is generally known that the fashion industry is the second most polluting industry. The shocking fact that fashion production has doubled over the last fifteen years and that we throw away our clothes faster than ever – and often even unused -, is probably less known: not less than 50% of the Flemish clothes end up in our residual waste. A big pity, because the cotton production – the key ingredient of most of our clothes – is particularly labor-intensive. Moreover, it’s perfectly possible to recycle it.

At HNST we see huge potential for improvement in this and that’s why our label plans to produce the world’s most sustainable jeans. Indeed, jeans is the fabric product which particularly combines all challenges in the fields of labor and environment. Think about the use of water and energy, chemical (coloring) additives and all too often appalling working conditions. The HNST jeans will be the first ever to be made out of 50% of recycled denim, and you can be part of it!


Maximum use of existing raw materials

Together with our partners, we have succeeded to develop a yarn consisting for 50% of old jeans. From a technical point of view, this is the highest possible percentage for now. In doing so, HNST puts a new standard, because this was never done before.

Local and qualitative production

On average, a jeans travels no less than 23 000 kilometers before it arrives in the shop. The full production process of HNST will be located in the EU. Our jeans won’t travel half of the world, unless you are a globetrotter yourself.

Radically transparent

We know where our raw materials come from and in addition, we check every step of the production chain. That’s why we can be fully transparent about the origin of the HNST jeans. Who made my clothes? We’ll show you!

Smart design

We want you to enjoy our jeans as long as possible. That’s why you can always count on our maintenance and repair service. Furthermore, we opt for a smart design, so the jeans can be fully recycled once more. Maybe as the raw material for your new pair of trousers!