Would you like to be part of this circular project and get rid of you old jeans? That comes in handy, because HNST needs your help to harvest denim. Do you have any worn out, too small, too big or old-fashioned denim in your closet? Don’t hesitate to hand it in or to get it picked up! We are harvesting as from Saturday 16 September until Saturday 30 September.

Hand in jeans?

You can hand in your old denim in one of over 80 collecting points of the Antwerp-based organization De Collectie. Next to collecting points located in Antwerp, HNST also offers the opportunity to give a second life to your pants in other cities.

Find a collection point near you

Your jeans picked up?

On top of handing in your denim personally, you can also send them through Cirkle.be. They deliver fresh and biological season products at home and pick up your old jeans at once. This counts for all orders in Brussels, Ghent, Leuven and Antwerp.


Tidy up your entire closet, because we don’t only welcome jeans trousers. An old jeans coat, a worn out denim shirt or a jeans skirt? Great! All denim items, no matter what color, are suitable as raw material for our collection.


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Do you want to harvest old jeans with your company or organisation? Do you want to suggest a new collection point?