Made in Europe

HNST jeans, fully made in Europe 

Discover our sourcing philosophy and production locations in the map below. Check the legend at the bottom of the page for details on each location. 

  1. Belgium: harvesting and sorting old jeans in collaboration with De Kringwinkel 
  2. Germany: mechanically recycling of collected worn-out trousers into recycled cotton fibers
  3. Belgium: European Spinning Group blends the recycled cotton fibers with Tencel® and spins the HNST yarn
  4. Italy: Pure Denim weaves the HNST fabric 
  5. Portugal: Lisama sews and IVN Laundry washes the HNST jeans 

Read more about HNST, or get to know the details of our supply chain. 

Access our Code of Conduct for our detailed sourcing philosophy.