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Collected jeans


Faster! Cheaper! And more, much more! This is how we can resume innovation in the fashion industry in the last 15 years. We believe that true innovation is about a positive impact and a radically new way of thinking. And this innovation starts at the beginning: the raw materials. Why don’t we make use of everything we already have in our closet?

What are we going to do?

HNST stands for a timeless and qualitative jeans collection which not only emphasizes your bottom perfectly, but which will also consist for 50% of old jeans. Moreover, everything will be produced in the EU and we do everything by the rules of the circular economy.

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What’s the play?

During our collecting campaign we want to harvest as many old jeans as possible. The jeans will be recycled to fibers and processed into brand new yarn, of which new jeans fabric will be woven. The overall basis for our collection, which will be launched in presale in January 2018.


From Saturday 16 September until Saturday 30 September we harvested old jeans from various locations in Belgium.

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The collected jeans will be sorted out manually. The useful clothes will be donated to the local used-goods circuit and the benefits will support the social economy. The denim which can no longer be worn will be shredded and spinned into yarn in Flanders. Next to this, the yarn will be woven to jeans fabric in Italy. This fabric will be the basis for our HNST jeans collection.

Our story


The first HNST collection will present three pairs of jeans and cool dungarees for women, just like three jeans and a fashionable blazer for men. Every piece will be carefully drawn by the experienced designer Ellen Robinson, who already designed for Lee and Bellerose. The collection will be launched in January 2018.