Circular fashion meets design ingenuity: HNST’s iconic circular jeans unites with Resortecs’ revolutionary design for disassembly.

Introducing Geri and Simon, the Drawstring Pants is crafted with up to 70% recycled cotton, featuring an elastic band for unparalleled day-to-day comfort.

The Drawstring Pants features an elastic waistband skillfully stitched with Resortecs’ innovative Smart Stitch™, enabling the waistband to be automatically disassembled at the end of their life cycle and contributing to HNST’s circular vision. The newly introduced fit is designed to effortlessly transition between casual and dressed-up occasions. 

The partnership with Resortecs enables HNST to create more complex multi-material garments, while maintaining a strong commitment to circularity. The Drawstring Pants is a first step within the HNST x Resortecs collaboration. Both companies are committed to continuing their collaboration and incorporating Resortecs' technologies in various garments in the future, reaffirming their shared vision of making circularity the norm in the fashion industry.

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