Filou & friends

Filou & Friends is a beloved, Belgian brand known for their quality childrenswear. HNST Studio is a leader in circular fashion, committed to reducing the environmental impact of the fashion industry. This collaboration is what happens when engineering expertise in fashion is applied to another category with an urgent need for a lower impact: kids clothes. 

Both sides embraced the challenge, drilling deep on what their complementary specialisms might yield by joining forces. Over twelve months, the two houses collaborated, sharing mutual insights, ideas and expertise to create a new, radical and timeless collection for youngsters aged between 0-8. 

As well as deploying the iconic HNST denim fabric - 56% recycled cotton, 21% of Tencel and 23% virgin or new cotton - stitches were also from recycled thread. Filou & Friends also challenged HNST in the design process: for example,  the usual HNST screw-off buttons could be unsafe for children so alternate fastening innovations were explored that would still enable recycling. Filou & Friends used regular buttons, but committed to collecting jeans after use and taking the buttons off before recycling.

The result: a series of future-proof and play-proof unisex pieces - such as jeans, pinafore dresses and dungarees, all bearing the hallmarks of genuine sustainability and circularity.