Circular design

Today, most garments are not designed for recycling, let alone circularity. As a result less than 1% of material used to produce clothing becomes new clothing, while up to around 85% could actually be repurposed. This means approximately $500billion of raw material value is lost each year. 

At HNST Studio, we take our cues from Mother Nature, who recycles infinitely: everything goes around in a loop. Think of water in the sea. It evaporates into cloud, then becomes rain, which becomes lakes or rivers, then the sea again. And repeat. This is how products must be designed if we are to first reach net zero, and ultimately prevent mass devastation of our precious planet.

How do we embrace and relish this challenge? HNST denim and other products are circular by design thanks to our innovative design approach:

  1. 100% natural fabric
  2. 100% natural coatings
  3. Embroidered instead of metal rivets
  4. Unscrewable and reusable buttons
  5. Avoiding polyester labels by printing care-instructions and material composition on the inner pockets instead of unnecessary polyester labels
  6. Cellulose based back patch of Jacron paper