Garment care

For durability and desirability: our trustworthy, science-based guidance means denim for decades.

  • Always turn inside out
    Before washing, turning your garments inside out. It keeps the fabric condition at its best.

  • Wash at low temperature (<30°)
    For everyday needs, wash at 30 degrees. For heavy soiling, try removing by hand with detergent, or spot cleaning, then still do 30 or 40 degrees.

    Wash on a low cycle
    The shorter (30 minute) wash cycle is usually enough to clean your garment. Plus it’s an easy way to be responsible with water consumption.

  • Button Up
    In line with our circular design principles, we have developed unscrewable buttons. This ensures your jeans can be properly recycled. Take care of your buttons by removing them before laundry or tighten the screw after every wash.

  • Wash less often
    We often over-launder our wardrobes. To maintain freshness between washes, often combining a spot clean if needed, plus airing a garment outside, will suffice.

    Choose a natural liquid detergent
    Liquid detergent is better absorbed than powder, and generally the kinder option, whether hand or machine washing.

  • Air dry
    After a wash, air dry your garments instead of using the tumble dryer. This reduces abrasive friction on your clothing and contributes to less emissions and impact on the environment.

  • Recycle
    All HNST garments are designed for recycling at the end of life. Please visit the website contact section to talk to our team about your locally available recycling options.

    Certain areas (such as knees, pockets) will wear more over time. We offer a repair service for all HNST customers. Contact our team (link email) to discover the repair options based on your location.

    Please note that often minor fixes -  a missing button or seam rip - can be simply resolved by at home mending. Which saving you valuable time and effort.  For advice, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team.

  • Donate
    While we prefer to take back product ensure it stays away from waste streams, local thrift stores and charities are usually in need of donations. To continue on your garment’s life via charity giving, ideally you keep the original hang tag and re-attach before donating.