Thank you for being part of the story! Below you will find more information about your jeans, the packaging we used and the spray.

We will fix that! Follow the steps below and we will make sure you will soon receive a better fit.


Different brands have different sizing. Not very handy, but with the Virtusize tool you can find on our website, this shouldn’t be a problem. To use it, take a (non-stretch!) jeans out of your wardrobe that fits you perfectly. Go to the product page of the HNST style you purchased, and click on the ‘Help me find my size’ button. The tool will ask you to measure a couple of things from the jeans and will automatically suggest you to the right corresponding HNST size.
Can’t or don’t want to measure? Then you can also just have a look at the different measurements by clicking the ‘Help me find my size’ button.


Send an email to info@letsbehonest.eu and let us know your order number or product serial number and the new size you would like to receive.


You will receive a confirmation email and a link to print a free return label. Put the jeans you want to return in the RePack and stick the return label on it. All you need to do now, is bring it to your nearest postal office. Remember, you do not need to pay for sending it to us!

We have chosen to only use reusable and recyclable packaging. Did you know a RePack can be reused up to 20 times? Ofcourse, this is only possible if you help us to keep it in the loop and return it.

This is what you have to do (no worries, it’s very easy!):

  • Fold the RePack in such a way that the return label becomes visible.
  • Drop the RePack in a regular postbox near you.

You can also find these instruction on the RePack or have a look at the video below. Nice to know: when you return the RePack, you will be rewarded with a voucher that you can use at every store that works with RePack. To view the stores or find more information, you can click here.

Up to 25% of the total environmental impact of a pair of jeans is generated in the use phase and every time you put it in a washing machine. We believe our responsibility goes beyond the moment where you buy a jeans from us. That’s why the Morning After Spray is a part of our circular product design and is included with every purchase of a pair of jeans. With the spray you can easily refresh your wear without having to put it in the washing machine. The spray contains natural probiotics that will actively remove all kinds of odors (sweat, smoke, … ) in a complete safe and natural way. A last good thing, you can use the spray on all kinds of clothing or shoes.


  • Shake well before use
  • Hold the spray can upright and keep a distance of +/- 30cm
  • Press for short bursts of spray
  • Make sure the surface does not become too wet
  • Do not wipe the surface
  • Let nature do the cleaning for you


The can is recyclable. Please put the empty spray can in the recycling bin.

Nobody likes to do laundry. Neither do we. Use the Morning After Spray and let nature do the freshening up for you.

Still feeling dirty? Turn your jeans inside out and wash at low temperature (max 40 °C) and air dry.

We have paid a lot of attention to the design and quality of your HNST jeans so that you can enjoy wearing your jeans for as long as possible. In most styles for example, we have added an extra crotch enforcement to prevent the jeans from slowly tearing when you often ride your bike.

A tear after all or another problem with your jeans? Let us know. Send an email to info@letsbehonest.eu and we will find a proper solution.

Okay, now we are really looking into the future. If at some point, your jeans doesn’t fit anymore, you no longer can of want to wear it or when it’s completely worn out, we want your jeans back so we can prepare it for its next use. When you do return your old HNST jeans you will also be rewarded with a 15 euro discount on the purchase of a new one.


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